10 Fun Egg Cooking Gadgets Christmas Gift Ideas From the Gemperle Kitchen

 10 Fun Egg Cooking Gadgets Christmas Gift Ideas from the Gemperle Farms Kitchen

Here at Gemperle Farms our  family Thanksgiving has passed. Black Friday disappeared. And Cyber Monday – when was that!  Are you still wondering what the perfect gift will be for the creative home cook, the teenager that loves to cook, the retired husband that is discovering his inner artist in the kitchen. Everyone loves eggs so why not choose the perfect egg cooking gadgets for a unique gift this year.

Here is what I have found to make your job easier. Some have been tested in our Gemperle kitchen;some are on order. We have a big family so between all of us we will eventually test most of these egg cooking gadgets. Watch for our reviews over the next few months.

So here goes. This is the best of  what I have found so far.

 Pig Egg White and Yolk Seperator
This is one of the cutest egg separators I have ever seen. Just squeeze and the yolk get sucked up and separated from the white. For every pig and egg lover. $13.99

Gemperle Farms tested egg seperator egg cooking gadget

Hard Boiled Egg Molds
These fun hard boiled egg molds will make every kids lunchbox the hit of the classroom. The kids will finish their lunch egg and all. I’ve tried these over the years …. just put the hard boiled egg in the mold and refrigerate. Open the mols and you have a perfectly shaped egg … love them! $6.99

Kids love this gempele family farms tested egg shaper egg cooking gadget

 The Rollie Egg Cooker
I laugh at this wacky video commercial below …..  a mix of the 50’s and infomercial. I have not actually tried this one but this unique system from Rollie lets you create vertical egg pops…… what the heck… the is one fun egg cooking gadget.! $29.95

Golden Goose Egg Scrambler
Ever had a perfect scrambled hard boiled egg?  Just put your egg into the tool, lock it up, and spin. You will even get some exercise with this egg cooking gadget that actually scrambles the egg in the shell. Amazing. $14.99

Egg Perfect Egg Timer
Take the guess work out of making the perfect boiled eggs. The red face changes color, indicating soft, medium, hard and stages of the egg as it boils.  Perfect gift for the perfectionist in your family.$6

Gemperle family tested egg timer egg cooking gadget

Fun Shaped Egg Frying Pans
This assortment will keep your kids excited about breakfast. Create teddy bear, heart, star, strawberry, shell, and hexagon fried eggs.  $10

 fun shaped egg pans egg cooking gadgets to make the perfet Gempele eggs

Cutest Egg Slicer Ever
Anyone will have fun slicing the perfect eggs with this jolly egg slicer. $5.99

Gemperle Farms tested egg slicer egg cooking gadgets

Sumo Egg Cup
So these win the cutest egg cup contest. Sumo wrestlers…… what can they think of next!

Gemperle family farms recommended egg cup from our egg cooking gadget collection

Egg Topper
This egg topper makes a clean circular crack on the top of your egg. Then you remove the circle of the egg’s shell for the most beautiful soft boiled eggs. Just pull up the handle and release the spring mechanism which causes a vibration and cracks the shell into a perfect circle. $13.25

Gemperle enterprises and gemperle farms tested these egg topper egg cooking gadgets


Fun Shaped Egg Molds
These molds make any breakfast fun. Just make sure you add some cooking spray or a layer of oil on the mold  before you fry up your eggs. They work well as pancake molds too. Now these are great egg cooking gadgets! $7.99

Egg molds used in our Gemperle Farms Kitchen many of our egg cooking gadgets

Hope you come away from this post with a few great Christmas stocking stuffers and gift ideas for the egg lover in your home. For some great Christmas recipe and craft  ideas visit our Gemperle Farms Facebook page as well as the recipe section of our Gemperle website.

Happy Holidays!


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