Gemperle Farm’s Economics of Eggs in the Family Diet

Economics of Eggs in the Family Diet – The Most Pocket Friendly Nutritious Option


Choosing Gemperle Farms fresh eggs is a smart budget friendly choice when you are food shopping for your family. The protein in organic eggs like those produced by Gemperle Farms, is both high in quality, and low cost when compared to other protein foods in the U.S.

It’s easy to compare the price of Gemperle eggs to the price of other protein foods. A dozen large eggs weighs 1.5 pounds. So, the price per pound of large organic eggs is two-thirds of the price per dozen. For example, if Large eggs cost $2 per dozen, they cost $1.32 per pound. At $3 per dozen, large organic eggs are only $2 per pound. Now that’s an inexpensive healthy protein for your family!

When you plan menus, consider these points…

1 egg = 1 ounce of lean meat, poultry, fish or seafood.

You can use two eggs per serving  at any meal.

You can also use eggs to stretch more expensive protein foods. For example, in a fajita, you can use one scrambled egg per serving along with half the usual amount per serving of chicken, beef or shrimp and still get enough packed rich nutrients.

Thanks to farmers and ranchers, it’s even better to buy eggs (after Easter through the summer) when the supply is greater than the demand. Prices often fall and you are getting high quality protein at a minimum cost.

Eggs do not require special equipment for preparation. All your ordinary pots and pans will do.

You can even make an omelet in a slope-sided fry pan, a quiche in a pie plate and a soufflé in a straight-sided, casserole dish or an uncoated saucepan. Our Gemperle Egg Ranch  website has some favorite family recipes, of course all containing our favorite ingredient…eggs!

Farm fresh eggs remains the delicious budget friendly breakfast, lunch or a supper choice, especially when they come  from Gemperle Farms.



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