Eggs 101: Egg Uses… they are Everywhere From Vaccines to Quiche

Gemperle Farms Eggs are used Everywhere: Breads, Science Research, Quiche to Personal Care products …… Find out about the many egg uses.

So many possible egg uses! Could you live with out eggs? Probably, not so easily. Life would be difficult without eggs!
View our latest video and learn about the many uses for eggs   ….. they are virtually everywhere in your lives.
egg uses

First, eggs  are essential ingredients in making some of the delicious and nutritious foods we eat, could you imagine your meals if you didn’t have these?
● mayonnaise
● breads, cakes, rolls, or scones
● custard and pudding
● many different soups
● the more obvious eggnogs and quiches
● energy bars and protein powders
● ice cream or meringue
● fresh pasta
● malted beverages
● meatloaf
● salad dressings as well as many prepared sauces
● infant formula
It would be really difficult to cook and bake a diverse range of foods without eggs!

Next, much of the processed food we eat, would not hold together without egg proteins. Don’t be fooled if you don’t see the word “egg” written in the ingredients. Different names for egg proteins include:

● Globulin
● lecithin
● lysozyme
● ovalbumin
● ovovitellin
● albumin
● even egg substitute (like egg beaters).

Eggs and egg shells are also used for other kinds of food processing like clarifying, as in meat stocks and wine. Have you ever noticed a shiny crust on your bread? That beautiful yellow crust comes from an egg wash. Can you imagine holidays without wine or bread?

Third, eggs are fed to animals for their health!
● Eggs are used to enhance the nutrition of many pet foods. They help give your pet a nice shiny coat.
● Crushed eggshells are a rich calcium supplement and high-quality protein source for animal nutrition. These in turn, help farm animals and pets stay in optimum health.

Fourth, eggs are often essential in scientific experiments. Microorganisms cannot breed in laboratories very well without a small amount of egg yolk added to the culture medium.
Yes, we even use eggs in our vaccinations! The measles-mumps-rubella or MMR vaccine contains eggs as well as many of the flu vaccines we get. So next time you visit the doctor for your routine vaccine, thank the egg!

Next, various parts of the egg, including its many proteins, vitamins and fatty acids are used for many medicinal benefits including:
● Pharmaceutical drugs.
● anti-microbial agents in pharmaceutical drugs
● Antioxidant benefits in food products.
● used experimentally to grow human skin fibroblasts (connective tissue cells) for severe-burn victims

Finally, I bet you did not know that eggs are in many skin and hair products. Egg oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids that our skin just loves so it makes a perfect ingredient for skin care products.

In fact, many ancient cultures used egg oil as a topical moisturizer, anti-bacterial, and ointment for burns and other skin conditions.
Other eggs uses are use the essential fats, proteins, and other derivatives. They  include:
● facials
● shampoos and conditioners and, sometimes, soaps
● revitalizers
● make-up foundations
● even lipstick.

We at California’s Gemperle Farms are quite convinced we have a moral obligation to farm eggs for everyone since eggs are such a crucial part of everyone’s livelihood.

To find out more about the many egg uses, visit our Gemperle Farms website and browse around or check out more of our videos. We cover science experiments and crafts as well as the numerous health benefits. Our Gemperle Family Farms Facebook page has lots of fun egg posts — recipes, egg nutrition and kids egg related activities.



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