Your Food Choice Effects the Earth. Learn About the Carbon Footprint of Eggs

earth - eat eggs helps save it. Carbon Footprint of eggs

YOUR CHOICE OF FOOD AFFECTS THE CLIMATE – EAT SMART. Choose eggs, legumes and locally produced meat as your main source of proteins. Learn more about the carbon footprint of eggs an other proteins.

Did you know that your choice of food has a direct impact on the environment? Gemperle Farms continuously tries to reduce our carbon footprint with the methods we use to raise your food? We care about the environment and the Earth and want to do what’s right.

The Union of Concerned Scientists says there are two things people can do to best help the environment. The first is to drive a fuel-efficient automobile (that means, not an SUV or a truck) and live near where we work. The second is to eat less red meat. Eat lower carbon footprint foods like eggs and legumes as your main protein. Why?

There are types of food that emit more carbon dioxide (that contributes to global warming) than others. Remember that the more carbon emitted into the earth’s surface, the warmer the earth becomes. Thus, contributing to global warming.

Check out the most and the least eco-friendly foods.

Of all animal proteins, farm fresh eggs have the lowest carbon footprint and lamb has the highest.  Studies shows that the  carbon footprint of eggs is nearly 6 times less than beef, and 50% less than turkey and pork.

The chart below shows how the green house gas emissions of twenty common foods compare:

Gemperle farms sustainable eggs. Carbon footprint of eggs

Carbon Footprint of Proteins (meat, eggs, dairy vs legumes)


Clearly from the chart, eating more vegetables and eggs and less meat will lower your food’s carbon footprint. Since meat consumption has been on the rise, eating more chicken is better than beef. And eating more eggs is better than any of the other animal based proteins. Remember buying your meat and eggs local is important to reduce your food’s carbon footprint.

We can help minimize the vast effects of global warming by making a few simple dietary changes and being mindful of what we eat.  The good news is, we really can make a difference!

EATING MORE EGGS, VEGETABLES and locally produced meat CAN HELP SAVE THE WORLD. Find out more about our sustainability efforts at Gemperle Farms and what we are doing to produce food that is light on the environment.

EAT SMART, EAT ECO-FRIENDLY GEMPERLE  EGGS! Now you have learned more about the carbon footprint of eggs!




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