Mother’s Day Gift … Egg Seed Bombs … The Perfect Gift!

How to Make Egg Seed Bombs  …… the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Gift for Mom

…… Another craft from our Gemperle Farms art studio


Gemperle Farms seed bombs for a Mother's Day gift

A Mother’s day Seed Bomb

We at Gemperle Farms have lots of fun testing our craft ideas. In fact, I have to admit we are kind of  “egg nerds”.  We are a bit egg obsessed with educating or can I say EGG-DU-CATING folks on all the different uses of the edible incredible egg. We first introduced this seed bomb idea for Easter and realized that it is the perfect Mother’s Day gift, especially for those that love to spend time in the garden!

These egg bombs are the perfect gift for the accomplished or beginner gardener. Kids and moms will love to throw these beauties and watch the egg shatter all over the garden splashing seeds in random patterns.

Enjoy this short photo essay and learn how to make Gemperle Egg Seed Bombs!

First we blew the insides out of our eggs   — so we started with a collection of empty brown and white egg shells. We also dyed some of our cage free egg shells with natural dyes. To learn how to do the natural dyes go to our egg craft page. Another fun way to decorate is was with water colors  — the ideas are limitless.

Gemperle farms naturally dyed eggs to use to make a mothers day gift

Naturally Dyed egg shells


Egg seed Bombs from the Gemperle farms test kitchen to make a mothers day gift

Ingredients for the seed bomb — potting soil, blown out eggs and  seeds. We got some of these seeds from the local seed exchange and used a few we collected from last year’s garden full of Zennias.


Gemperle farms eggs filled with seeds. making a mothers day gift

We mixed some seeds with potting soil and use a funnel to help drop the mixture into the egg. We used a kabob skewer to help push it down.

Gempele cage free eggs decorated with a sharpie to make a mothers day gift

Then we decorated! We decorated these Gemperle eggs with a sharpie

Gemperle Farms Seed bombs. Making a mothers day gift

More fun decorating!

eggs seed boms a mothers day gift.

Gemperle Farms eggs with a note for a mothers day gift

You can write a special note to your special mom, roll it up, and put it into the top of the blown out egg. Don’t forget to put planting directions in some of the eggs.

Gemperle Farms Mothers day gift ideas

One Two three — mom will give a big hard throw in the garden and spill the guts of your egg.. In a couple weeks she will start to see seedlings and a big smile will erupt on her face.  Best of all the shells are supposed to repel snails in order to keep seedlings safe. Mom will have so much fun throwing the seed bombs; help her find her inner child!

Gemperle Farms Mothers day craft ideas

Enjoy Mother’s Day and and crafting for mom!




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