Making Gemperle Farms Swiss Easter Eggs

A Photo Essay – How To Make Traditional Gemperle Farms Swiss Easter Eggs with all Natural Dyes

Gemperle Enterprises naturally dyed swiss Easter eggs

Naturally dyed Swiss Easter eggs a Gemperle Farms Tradition

Calofornia's Gemperle Farms Easter Eggs

Natural plants – red and yellow onion skins, beets, tea, tumeric and red cabbage used for making dyes

Gemperle Enterprises Easter Egg Making

Onion skins cooked to make dyes

Gemperle Farms Easter egg techniques

Straining the dye liquid from the onion skins

Gemperle Farms Easter egg making process

Collect plants form the Gemperle family garden

California's Gemperle Farms eggs being decorated. making swiss easter eggs

Placing flowers on the Gemperle Farms eggs

California's Gemperle Farms swiss Easter eggs

Wrap egg in cheese cloth and twist tightly

Lots of Gemperle Farms eggs in process of making swiss easter eggs

Different plants create different designs

A Gemperle Farms egg being dyed

Dye the egg

diiferernt plants create different color dyes on Gemperle Eggs

Try several different colors from different plants

Gemperle Farms naturally dyed swiss Easter eggs

Naturally dyed Easter eggs made with plant dyes.

Swiss easter eggs from Gemperle farms craft studio

The perfect Easter egg: A Swiss Gemperle Family tradition

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