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Brought to you by our one and only Gemperle Farms, here are the easiest way to separate the yolk from the white.




There are a number of reasons why you want to separate egg yolks and egg whites. Depending on what you want, there are simple ways to do this.
First of all, make sure the egg is fresh. Buy from Gemperle Farms. There are a couple of ways to check the freshness of your eggs. First check the date on the side of the egg carton and make sure it is before the “use by” date. Seccondly, simply drop your egg in a glass of water and if it sinks to the bottom you can be sure it is fresh and if it floats it is not fresh.



To separate the yolk from the white, have two separate bowls. Then crack the egg at its center so that you have two halves. (You can use your thumbs to gently separate the egg into halves). One of the egg shells will contain the yolk and the white.  Now transfer the yolk back and forth from one half shell to the other. During this process, some egg white will be trickling down to either bowl. Be careful not to break the yolk. When there is no white left in the yolk shell, drop the yolk in the other bowl.


OPTION 2 – Using a water bottle – The ‘no mess’ easy way

Another rather inexpensive quick way to separate the whites and yolks is simply get a clean plastic water bottle

Have two bowls or plates, take an egg , crack it open and drop the contents into one of the bowls.

Take the empty clean bottle and press it inwards to create a suction. Place the bottle’s opening very near the yolk and suck it up. Then simply drop the yolk in the other bowl.

Here’s the link: – how to cleverly separate the egg white and yolk.

Option 3 – Using your hands. It’s kind of messy but works well.
First of all wash your hands with soap to get off any oils. Crack the egg in a small bowl then pour it into your cupped hand over a bowl The whites will flow through you fingers and the yolk will stay in the cup of your hand.

Repeat the process in either option as many times as you would like.


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