The Difference Between Gemperle Farms Cage Free, Organic and Omega-3 Eggs

What is the Difference Between Gemperle Farms Cage Free, Organic and Omega-3 Eggs?

Gemperle farms cage free and Gemperle Farms organic eggs dust bathing

Gemperle Farms cage free hens dust bathing

The next time you go to the grocery store, or order your eggs from a family farm like Gemperle Family Farms, you might be overwhelmed with the numerous alternatives to the standard egg. There are Cage Free, Organic, and even Omega-3 Eggs. All of these claim to be better than the standard egg for various reasons. Which one should you buy?
Watch our informative video to find out more about the differences.

Let us share with you the nuts and bolts of cage free, organic and Omega 3 egg varieties produced by Gemperle Farms so you can make an informed choice next time you buy your eggs at your favorite market or our local retail store. You can be sure that our eggs have come from hens that have plenty of room to stand up, sit down and stretch their wings. They have easy access to fresh water and healthy grains for optimal health and healthy nutritious eggs. We at Gemperle Family Farms work hard to keep our ladies healthy so that you can have nutritious eggs for your family.

Gemperle Farms Omega-3 Enriched Eggs

These come from hens that live in a variety of housing  – cage free barns, organic cage free barns and fully enriched colony enclosures. In each housing system, there is room for enrichments like scratch areas, perches and a nest box. Your egg carton label will give you more specifics on the type of housing used to raise your eggs.

Cage free Gemperle Farms hens in front of a nesting box

Gemperle Family Farms hen with nesting box

These hens are also fed a specially formulated nutritious diet rich in omega 3 sourced mostly from flax seeds. The eggs can be brown or white depending on the type of hen that lays them. A leghorn hen will lay a brilliant white egg and a Rhode Island Red variety will lay beautiful brown eggs.

  • A standard egg has approximately 37 mg of omega 3’s in a large egg and Omega 3 enriched eggs can range from 100 to over 300 mg per egg like our Gemperle Farms omega 3 eggs (That have over 300 mg of omega 3’s).
  • Also note that any California label claims about additional nutritional levels must have lab tests to support these claims. These must be available for inspection by State Egg Inspectors. So you can be sure the eggs you buy are as nutritious as the label claims.

Gemperle Farms Cage-Free

These eggs come from hens that are free to roam and participate in natural chicken behavior. Our Hens are raised in barns or hen aviaries and the flock is able to roam around freely. Just like Omega-3 and organic eggs, the color of the egg depends on the breed of hen it comes from. White hens lay white eggs and brown hens lay brown eggs.

Gemperle farms cage free hen perching

Lots of perches to chose from

The cage free living environments include:

  • Perches, nesting areas
  • Litter access for dust bathing
  • Lots of room for socializing with the many hens in the flock and natural hen behavior
  • They have easy access to fresh water and healthy grains for optimal health and healthy nutritious eggs

Cage free eggs are a bit more expensive than regular eggs partially because they require more feed to produce each egg.

Our eggs are produced with the Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) Label. The HFAC is an international non-profit certification organization dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals in food production. When you see the Certified Humane Raised and Handled® label you can be assured that the food products have come from farmers that meet precise, objective standards for farm animal treatment.

Gemperle Farms Organic Eggs

These are raised similar to cage free hens with plenty of room to roam and participate in natural chicken behavior such as dust bathing and perching. Hens are fed organically certified vegetarian feed. The feed ingredients are sourced from many certified organic family farms.


These beautiful ladies are a friendly variety of brown Rhode Island Red hens; they are larger than a traditional white hen and require more feed to produce your eggs. That’s one reason why organic eggs are a bit more expensive.

Rhode Island Red Hens at Gemperle Farms cage free and organic houses

Rhode Island Red Hens at Gemperle Farms

An independent auditor, Quality Assurance International, certifies that our operations at Gemperle Family Farms meet the rigid requirements of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, as well as the federal standards of the USDA National Organic Program.

We believe our eggs are some of the best on the market. So when you buy Gemperle eggs, you can be sure that no matter which egg you choose to suit your budget and philosophy, you will get nutritious, healthy and humanely farmed eggs for your family.

Our beautiful hens produce their eggs the natural way, the way it should be. Come visit our website at or our  YouTube page   for more informative egg farming information. Better yet, visit our small retail store and buy our Gemperle Farms cage free eggs fresh from the farm the the beautiful Central Valley, the farming heart of California.













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