Gemperle Videos

View our collection of Gemperle Farms videos. We include company information, science experiment ideas and egg nutrition information to name a few topics. Scroll down to view our complete video series and be sure to keep coming back because we will plan to add new videos every month. View and learn more about our Gemperle Chickens and many other interesting topics.

Our Gemperle Farms New Video Series for 2016
Egg Facts 101:

Egg Facts 101: How to Make a Brain-Healthy Kid’s Egg Breakfast
At Gemperle Farms, we always believe eggs play an important role in a healthy start to the day and we want to make eggs fun too!

Egg Facts 101: How Are Eggs Used in Food, Science, Technology and Daily Life ??

Did you know that eggs are in every corner of your life — from quiche to vaccines to scientific research. Lean more from this fact filled video.

Egg Facts 101: Are Eggs Unhealthy or Are They a Superfood?

Yes, definitely a superfood! Eggs are basically awesome and have one of the strongest nutritional punches of all foods.

Egg Facts 101: The Best Way to Hard Boil an Egg

Learn how to boil the perfect eggs. There is a right way and a wrong way to boil an egg and at Gemperle Farms, we always believe that eggs should be fun too!

Egg Facts 101: What is the Difference Between Cage Free, Organic, and Omega 3 Eggs
Do organic, cage free or omega-3  eggs matter or is that just hype? This informative video will help you decide what eggs are your personal best choice.  Learning about eggs can be fun for the whole family too!

Video produced by the Modesto Bee in cooperation with Gemperle Farms April 2015. How to make naturally dyed Easter eggs.

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs, Swiss Style: A Gemperle Farms Tradition
A stunning photographic journey of the most beautiful  Gemperle Easter egg

Here’s a fun video about experiments that you can do with our Gemperle Eggs

The next video in our series talks about our Gemperle Chickens and how they are Raised.

Ever wonder how an Egg Ranch works? Learn more about Gemperle Farms below with the next video. We discuss how things are done at our Gemperle Egg Ranch.

Gemperle Chickens are the stars of the show at Gemperle Farms. Learn more in this video about how we humanely and responsibly care for our chickens here at all of our Gemperle Farms

There are so many things you can do with our Gemperle Eggs! Most people consider eggs a breakfast food, but we beg to differ at Gemperle. At Gemperle Farms we eat eggs in a variety of ways for breakfast , lunch and dinner. View the video below to learn more about ways to use our delicious eggs.

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods available. Learn more about the delicious Gemperle Omega 3 eggs produced by our Gemperle Chickens in this video.

What would happen if there were no more Gemperle Eggs or for that matter no more eggs at all? This video discusses the importance of eggs in the world. You’ll be amazed  with this edition of the Gemperle video series.

At Gemperle Farms we feel that it is important to give back to our community. Learn more about what Gemperle does to make that happen. We were all placed on this earth to do good things and to give back in whatever way we can. Learn more about our Gemperle Philanthropic efforts in this video.

Everyday we hear about bad things happening to our food and our food supply. Is anything safe? Learn more about how Gemperle Farms works diligently to ensure your food safety. At Gemperle Family Farms we take food safety seriously. Learn more below with this video.

Sustainability is extremely important in farming these days. At Gemperle Farms we try to implement as many sustainable farming practices as possible. Learn more about our sustainable farming efforts in this Gemperle video.

Gemperle Farms was founded by Ernie Gemperle over 60 years ago. Learn more about the history of  Gemperle Family Farms in this video.

Gemperle Eggs are a super food packed with lots of nutrition. Learn more about how eggs are part of a healthy diet in this new Gemperle video edition about egg nutrition.

Did you know that Gemperle Eggs can be used in experiments. The Gemperle kids and show you how. Here’s a fun video for your enjoyment!

Gemperle Eggs can be used in fun kids crafts. The Gemperle kids show you how to make a great kid’s spider craft in this video. Enjoy!

Gemperle Eggs are fun to use in kids cooking. Here is a fun video produced by our Gemperle kids to show you how to make a delicious and easy pumpkin dessert….of course using Gemperle eggs!

Blown out Gemperle Eggs can be used in fun kids Christmas crafting project. Gemperle kids will join you for a fun afternoon of Christmas crafting!

Learn how to tell if your Gemperle egg is raw or hard boiled and some fun physics facts. Your kids and mom and dad will have fun with this quick science activity. We certainly have at our Gemperle Egg Ranch.