Gemperle enterprises and philanthropy

The late Annemarie and Ernie Gemperle — Philanthropy a core family and business value

Philanthropy at Gemperle Farms

The Central Valley of California has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. State taxes flow to Sacramento and urban areas bypassing the area most in need. At Gemperle Farms we believe in supporting our local community and giving back to those in need. By supporting our local business partners and providing secure local jobs we can ensure the economic sustainability of our local community. In today’s economy when most farm employees are worried about living wages, job security and a safe working environment. Gemperle Family Farms prides itself on an excellent safety record, providing good living wages, medical coverage and pension plan to all of our regular employees. Our family members have a long history of service to our community, leading and serving on dozens of charitable boards and committees. Gemperle Family Farms donates over 500,000 eggs each year through free lunch programs, donations to food banks , Christmas Baskets and donations to service organizations to ensure that those in need have healthy eggs included in their family diets. Our family has a renowned history of philanthropy in our community. We practice stewardship with an emphasis on selfless giving.

Gemperle enterprises philanthropy

The seven Gemperle siblings, Mike, Steve, Susan Anita, Rich, Heidi and Peter continue their family legacy of selfless giving.


United Samaritans Foundation’s mission: to deliver food to people in need in Stanislaus County, and to facilitate the provision of services to assist them in a transition to a better quality of life.

Ernie Gemperle the patriarch of Gemperle Family Farms was one of the co-founders of United Samaritans. Michael Gemperle now serves on the board of directors. United Samaritans is the largest provider of emergency food to communities throughout Stanislaus County. USF is the beneficiary of over 250,000 eggs a year along with sizable financial contributions made by Gemperle Family Farms. This has been an ongoing donation since the 1990’s.

Photos of the United Samaritan Foundation and Gemperle Farms partnership helping the needy in 2014

California State University One Purpose Campaign

The Gemperle family and Gemperle Family Farms made a significant contribution to the One Purpose endowment at California State University Stanislaus, in 2015. This seed gift serves as inspiration for investment in scholarships for student success through One Purpose. In the future, earnings from the endowment will add to the funds raised by volunteers, providing additional dollars that will be awarded as scholarships.

Philanthropy through education has always been at the heart of our giving philosophy,  “My parents encouraged all of us to get an education, and so for us to continue our parents’ legacy of supporting education is meaningful,” said Anita Mahaffey. “I believe that education is a gift that keeps on giving. When you change someone’s life with education you not only change his or her circumstance, but you have an impact for generations to come. They will inspire their children and then those children will inspire others.”

California State University Stanislaus Foundation

Ernie T. Gemperle the patriarch of Gemperle Family Farms served on the Foundation board for CSUS. Stephen Gemperle now sits on the Foundation board. Gemperle Family Farms and many local business leaders, who admired Ernie, helped create the Ernie Gemperle Endowed Chair of Finance. Ernie Gemperle was also instrumental and generous during the construction of the Gemperle Lecture Hall. Many students have benefited from scholarships made by Gemperle Family Farms.

Gemperle Family Farms Scholarship Fund

The Gemperle Family began the Gemperle Family Farms Scholarship Fund in December 2015 to help fund higher education for children and grandchildren of Gemperle Farms employees.

Awards for the Gemperle Family Farms Scholarship Fund will range from $1,000 to $3,000 per year and can be used towards education expenses such as tuition, institutional fees, books and school supplies. The scholarship awarded through the Stanislaus Community Foundation will be issued over the course of one academic year and the recipient can apply for a renewal grant for up to four years.

“Helping our employees send their kids to college is one of the greatest gifts of gratitude we can give to those who have helped make our company successful,” Gemperle Family Farms President Steve Gemperle said. “When you change someone’s life with education, you have an impact for generations to come.”

Carnegie Arts Center

Gemperle Family Farms is one of the largest donors to the Carnegie Arts Center. It’s second largest gallery is named in honor of Annemarie and Ernie Gemperle. Kristi and Mike Gemperle have both worked diligently in helping the Carnegie Arts Center get off the ground. As one of only a handful of arts centers in the Central Valley, the Carnegie Arts Center in the City of Turlock is an arts center that is both local and regional in its perspective. It operates according to core values and in keeping with its mission of bringing diverse community and regional audiences together to experience and celebrate art in all its forms. The Carnegie’s programs include exhibitions, education classes and programs, lectures, and activities in artistic genres as diverse as dance, music, theatre and more. At least 25% of the programming is dedicated to children and teens.

Turlock Community Theatre

Ernie T. Gemperle was instrumental in finalizing a community campaign to rebuild the historic theatre ravaged by fire. The Turlock Community Theatre is now a 1000-seat professional performing arts theatre, which presents nationally and internationally acclaimed artists and is dedicated to enriching the cultural life of the region. Located in the heart of Turlock, the theatre supports local and regional arts organizations and offers rich opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy the performing arts. Richard Gemperle now sits on the board and served as president. Gemperle Family Farms was the largest contributor to the rebuilding of the theatre. We continue to support this fine institution.

Turlock Regional Sports Complex at Gemperle Fields

When Gemperle Farms was blessed with having one of its orchards chosen as a site for a local school, Ernie and Annemarie Gemperle decided to give back to the community. A sizable portion of the land was gifted to the City of Turlock for use as a regional sports facility. Gemperle Family Farms employees and children volunteer and enjoy soccer and this world class facility.

Greater Yosemite Council Boy Scouts of America

Ernie Gemperle served on the council board and served as president. Michael Gemperle now serves on the board. After the recession in 2009 Michael served as president, helping the council through three of its hardest years ever. Gemperle Family Farms is committed to Scouting. We have always made sizable financial and in kind donations. The main meeting room at the Mary Stewart Rogers council office in Modesto is named in honor of Ernie and Annemarie Gemperle. The Gemperle family has hosted a fundraiser dinner at the family home for 40 years. It has been a tradition that the family serves the meal. 100% of proceeds have gone to the council with the family footing the bill, over $1 million dollars have been raised to date. Gemperle Family Farms has been a strong supporter of Soccer and Scouting, an after school program designed to provide exercise and the scouting program to Hispanic youth. The Gemperle Family was the first family to be honored and Distinguished Citizens of the Year by the Greater Yosemite Council.

Diocese of Stockton
Ernie Gemperle served in many capacities at the Diocese of Stockton. Stephen Gemperle now serves on a committee at the diocesan level. In the 1970’s Ernie Gemperle was the largest donor during the construction of the new Sacred Heart Church. The entire Gemperle Family has always supported the Sacred Heart Parish and School. Family members have served on dozens of committees and donated hundreds of hours of time. Ernie Gemperle help found the Father McElligot Foundation, for the Sacred Heart School. Mike Gemperle now serves on its board. In the 1990’s Ernie helped build the Newman Center at CSUS. Ernie and Annemarie were also very active with Catholic Charities.

Turlock Chamber of Commerce

Ernie and Steve Gemperle both served on the board of the Turlock Chamber of Commerce. Gemperle Family Farms has always been charitable in supporting the local business community. Ernie and Annemarie Gemperle were the first couple to be named Citizens of the Year. They were a philanthropic force within the community.