Sustainability At Our Gemperle Egg Ranches


Gemperle Farms Sustainability

Our Gemperle Egg Ranch has always believed in being a good steward of our land and our hens. Our agricultural and business sustainability practices encompass positive contributions to the environment, to healthful food, to community welfare and to the treatment of our hens.

Chicken Manure As Fertilizer from the gemperle egg ranch

Gemperle Farms Chicken Manure As Fertilizer


Environmental Sustainability

1. Our electricity is sourced from Turlock Irrigation District that utilizes much renewable energy or environmentally friendly large scale hydro electric.
2. Almost all of our lighting has been converted to energy efficient fluorescent, LED and HID units.
3. Our ventilation systems are computer controlled to maximize energy efficiency.
4. Our barns are cooled with evaporative cooling systems that re-circulates water.
5. We use efficient nipple drinker in our layer barns to reduce water waste and minimize water leaks. This improves manure management by keeping the manure dry and therefore eliminating the potential for fly breeding.
6. In 1970 we started recycling packaging waste. Today more than 85% of our waste is recycled including (cardboard, paper, Styrofoam, carton pulp, poly plastic & PET plastic.
7. We are committed to using egg cartons manufactured with recycled materials. We use both Recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic cartons and recycled molded pulp cartons.
8. All animal waste is applied using nutrient management to plans to protect ground water. Our manure fertilizer is sold to numerous farmers for use as a natural fertilizer in the central valley. By using natural fertilizers, these local farmers avoid using chemical fertilizers and can produce their own farm commodities with a lower carbon footprint.
9. We incorporate environmentally friendly farming practices such as micro sprinklers to reduce water usage.
10. We minimize the use of rodenticides, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides on our conventional land.
11. We participated in Cool Farm Tool CO2 equivalent emission reduction study and made changes that reduced CO2 equivalent emissions at our organic ranch by 25%. We continue to analyze all farms to reduce CO2 emissions.
12. Our office is committed to a path towards paperless and sustainable business.

Healthful Foods/low Carbon footprint

A recent study showed that egg farmers have reduced the environmental footprint of producing 1 dozen eggs 50% since the 1950’s. Of all animal proteins, eggs have the lowest carbon footprint. At Gemperle Egg Ranch we hold true to our belief of producing the best quality local eggs while having a minimal carbon footprint on the environment. A majority of our eggs are sold within 100 miles of our farms therefore reducing the fossil fuels needed to transport our Gemperle eggs to your market.