What We Produce

What We Produce At Our Gemperle Egg Farm

At our Gemperle Egg Farm we  realize that consumers want a choice at the supermarket. To meet this demand, over the years we have added numerous specialty varieties of Gemperle eggs. For the past two decades we have been focused on our long-standing commitment to cage-free and organic egg production.

We have always appreciated consumers that support the cage-free and organic movements through their purchasing choices both at grocery stores and in restaurants.  We thank those consumers that support this high level of production and these highest standards of animal welfare.This consumer shift will allow us to move towards a one hundred percent organic and cage-free future for Gemperle Family Farms.


Some of our egg choices are as follows:

Gemperle Eggs

Gemperle Eggs

Certified Organic Eggs

Gemperle Enterprises cage free at Gemperle Farms

Our certified organic cage-free hens are raised on certified organic vegetarian feed from the day they are born. The feed ingredients are sourced from many certified organic family farms. An independent auditor, Quality Assurance International, certifies that our operations meet the rigid requirements of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, as well as the federal standards of the USDA National Organic Program. We believe our eggs are some of the best on the market. We also offer organic eggs enhanced with Omega 3 fatty acids for those interested in supplementing their diet.
Enriched Omega 3

Omega 3 Enriched eggs

In general, many people believe Omega 3 fatty acids have several health benefits, including the ability to help promote heart health, prevent coronary heart disease, reduce birth defects, and prevent degenerative diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. We produce some Omega 3 eggs with over 300mg of Omega 3 fatty acids per egg. These delicious eggs are the perfect solution for people who want to add additional health benefits and a little extra nutrition to their diets. The Gemperle Family and our employees enjoy these eggs regularly.

Cage Free Eggs

cage free at Gemperle Farms

Cage Free eggs are laid by hens kept in spacious pens providing ample room to roam, scratch, perch and nest as they please.

Fertile Cage Free Eggs

cage free at Gemperle farms

Cage Free Fertile eggs are laid by hens housed with roosters, kept in spacious pens providing ample room to roam, scratch, perch and nest as they please.

White Shell Eggs
This popular egg type is typically laid by a beautiful all-white chicken breed called the White Leghorn. We produce these Gemperle eggs in our state of the art enriched barns. These barns allow the hens to experience natural behaviors, such as nesting in a private area, flapping their wings, stretching, scratching and perching all in a very safe, clean, comfortable environment.

Brown Shell Eggs
Brown eggs are laid by brown feathered breeds like the Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire, and Plymouth Rock. Slightly larger than white-feathered hens, these breeds often require more feed. Brown eggs are just as delicious and nutritious as white eggs. These brown eggs are produced in state of the art enriched barns, just like our white shell eggs.

Enjoy fresh eggs from our Gemperle Egg Farm.