Gemperle Family Farms Donates Over 6 Million Eggs Since 2000, November 2013

TURLOCK, Calif., Nov. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Gemperle Farms — known for their hormone-free and antibiotic-free eggs — continues the philanthropic legacy started by patriarch Ernie Gemperle through nonstop egg donations and charitable giving.

Gemperle Eggs

Gemperle Eggs

The Gemperle Family’s philanthropic efforts affect multitudes of local residents. Each year, Gemperle  donates over 500,000 eggs through free lunch programs, donations and food banks. Since 2000 Gemperle Family Farms has donated over 6 million Gemperle eggs valued today at over $500,000 with over half going to the United Samaritans Foundation. Ernie Gemperle co-founded United Samaritans in 1994 with the mission to deliver food to people in need in Stanislaus County, and to facilitate the provision of services to assist them in a transition to a better quality of life.

“Our family has a renowned history of philanthropy in the local community,” Gemperle Family Farms President Steve Gemperle said. “We practice stewardship with an emphasis on selfless giving.”

The Gemperle Family maintains this commitment of running a company that they can be proud of — not only through their sustainable and humane farming practices —but also in the way they practice stewardship in the local community. By supporting local businesses and providing secure jobs, Gemperle Farms encourages economic sustainability for the entire Stanislaus region. On their farms, the Gemperle family prides itself on an excellent safety record, good living wages, medical coverage and a profit sharing plan for regular employees.

“In today’s economy when most farm employees are worried about living wages, job security and a safe working environment, we believe that we have a duty to our employees,” Gemperle Family Farms Vice President Mike Gemperle said.

The Gemperle Family supports organizations that share the same passion for giving back to those in need, which can be seen through their donations and involvement with local charitable boards and committees. Family members currently sit on the board at United Samaritans, Carnegie Art Center, CSUS Foundation, Turlock Community Theatre, Greater Yosemite Council Boy Scouts of America, Diocese of Stockton’s Church for Tomorrow Foundation, and the Father McElligot Sacred Heart School Foundation.

About Gemperle Family Farms

Gemperle Family Farms produce all varieties of eggs from traditional shell eggs, enriched colony eggs, to specialty eggs such as browns, organic, cage free, omega 3 and cage free fertile. All of our eggs are produced without hormones and antibiotics – the natural way that eggs should be produced. We believe in supplying eggs that consumers want to buy so we produce eggs for a variety of consumer needs and budgets.

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